What people say about Brundanella Merino Stud


The 2017, ‘Victoria Park’ crutchings at 1080c/kilogram is the highest price for crutchings that we have ever sold – a record.

– Wayne Beecher Beecher Wool Services, Cowra


The wether lambs of ‘Victoria Park’ in 2017 weighed an average of 59 kilograms. I weigh approximately 100,000 lambs a year and that is the record average live weight for Merino lambs I’ve ever weighed.

– Rob Anderson C.J. Anderson and Co, Grenfell


We are continually trying to improve the productivity and therefore the profitability in our flock. For over a decade we have been coming to the Brundanella annual ram sale because we are confident that we can find the rams that will help us achieve our objectives.

– John & Stacey Jarvis, “Merndale”, Condobolin


After many years association with Brundanella Merino Stud, I consider our flock to be very productive, easy care dual purpose sheep with highly inherent fertility. I also find Ian and Janet very supportive and helpful in our ram selection and any other queries we may have.

– Rod Kershaw, Iandra, Greenethorpe


Classing the clip at Brundanella Merino stud for the past fifteen years, it is pleasing to see a stud embracing the times by producing heavy cutting sheep, with bright well nourished wool.
Ian’s sire selection has also ensured that they have kept the good crimp definition and excellent length. The comfort factor is also a stand out in the wool selling catalogue being highly sought after by buyers/processors.

– Anthony Myers, Wool Classer, Passchendale, Grenfell.


After almost two decades using Brundanella rams we could not be more pleased with the performance of our self replacing merino flock. Large straight frames and excellent wool production has seen our flock evolve into a true dual purpose sheep.
We also find Ian’s advice when selecting our rams invaluable given his long association with the merino industry.

– David & Tristen Matthews, “Wee Waa” Grenfell