Below our breeding objectives – the weight of each objective is listed between brackets.
1. Increase body weights (25%)
2. Increase fleece weights (25%)
3. Continue to improve reproductive rate (20%)
4. Continue the progamme to reduce the fibre diameter (15%)
5. Maintain robust constitution (5%)
6. Decrease CV% and improve processing performance (5%)
7. Improve structure/conformation (5%)

Brundanella genetics

  • Bold crimping, bright soft quality wool
  • Early Maturing – fast growth rate
  • Good fertility – more lambs on the ground
  • Heavy Cutting – 19 to 19.5 micron
  • Real dual purpose type – large plain frames
  • Measured performance – benchmarked against central test sire evaluation
  • Continued access to Australia’s leading stud sires through large A.I. programmes

Brundanella genetics will provide the commercial breeder with early maturing sheep that are of:

  • Correct structure
  • Great shape
  • High fertility
  • Heavy fleece weights
  • Impressive carcass characteristics

Owing to the increasing popularity of the Poll Merino, Brundanella has now registered a Poll Merino Stud, based on Collinsville, Wood Park and East Strathglen Poll Merino Studs.

Victoria Park Commercial Flock


Total drop of merino wether lambs sold for and average price of $212 at 10/11 months of age plus wool at $38 equals $250/head. Cull Ram Lambs averaged $318 @ 10/11 months, plus wool.

Merino wether lambs sold for an average of $173 at 10/11 months of age plus wool at $33 equals $206/head. Ewes (stud & commercial) cut 8.02kg of 19 micron wool. Grossing $92.88/head and weaned 103% lambs.


Commercial Ewes cut 7.65 kg of 19.1 micron wool.. Maiden Ewes lambed at 98.6% lambs to number of ewes joined. Wether lambs averaged $155.16 per head over the hook ($5.60 per kg), plus $24.36 wool value = $179.52

A history of passion for sheep

The Griffith Family have been breeding merinos on Victoria Park for over 60 years.

Ian, like his father before him, has a passion for quality sheep.
Janet’s family bought their first merino rams from Wanganella Merino Stud at Deniliquin over 100 years ago, in 1911.

In 1994 Ian and Janet Griffith were approached by the senior management of F.S. Falkiner & Sons, then owned by News Limited (Rupert Murdoch), to establish a Wanganella Daughter Stud in the wheat/sheep belt of the South West Slopes.
Brundanella Merino Stud was founded, and was to be a franchise type arrangement whereby Wanganella superior genetics were shared exclusively with Brundanella.

Elite genetics

In 2004 after F.S. Falkiner & Sons was sold by News Limited, Brundanella decided to go their own way and end their agreement with F.S.F. This allowed the introduction of elite genetics from all studs right across the industry, which continues to this day.

Poll Merino Stud

Owing to the increasing popularity of the Poll Merino, in 2010 Brundanella registered a Poll Merino Stud. This was based on the purchase of 60 stud poll ewes as well as a selection of Brundanella special stud ewes and using superior poll genetics through artificial insemination.

Brundanella Merino Stud, as part of a syndicate with two other studs, purchased Moorundie Poll Merino Stud’s PB201 for $30,000, the second priced ram at the 2015 Adelaide Ram Sale.