Below our breeding objectives – the weight of each objective is listed between brackets.
1. Increase body weights (25%)
2. Increase fleece weights (25%)
3. Continue to improve reproductive rate (20%)
4. Continue the progamme to reduce the fibre diameter (15%)
5. Maintain robust constitution (5%)
6. Decrease CV% and improve processing performance (5%)
7. Improve structure/conformation (5%)



Brundanella genetics

  • Wanganella Base
  • Bold crimping, bright soft quality wool
  • Early Maturing – fast growth rate
  • Good fertility – more lambs on the ground
  • Heavy Cutting – 19.5 to 20 micron
  • Real dual purpose type – large plain frames
  • Measured performance – benchmarked against central test sire evaluation
  • Continued access to Australia’s leading stud sires through large A.I. programmes

Brundanella genetics will provide the commercial breeder with early maturing sheep that are of:

  • Correct structure
  • Great shape
  • High fertility
  • Heavy fleece weights
  • Impressive carcass characteristics

Owing to the increasing popularity of the Poll Merino, Brundanella has now registered a Poll Merino Stud, based on Collinsville, Wood Park and East Strathglen Poll Merino Studs.


Brundanella Merino Stud, as part of a syndicate with two other studs, purchased Moorundie Poll Merino Stud’s PB201 for $30,000, the second priced ram at the 2015 Adelaide Ram Sale .







Victoria Park Commercial Flock:

Merino wether lambs sold for an average of $173 at 10/11 months of age plus wool at $33 equals $206/head.
Ewes (stud & commercial) cut 8.02kg of 19 micron wool. Grossing $92.88/head and weaned 103% lambs.


Commercial Ewes cut 7.65 kg of 19.1 micron wool.. Maiden Ewes lambed at 98.6% lambs to number of ewes joined.
Wether lambs averaged $155.16 per head over the hook ($5.60 per kg), plus $24.36 wool value = $179.52